​Samples in liquid nitrogen

National Rare Disease Biobank

National Rare Disease Biobank is created by Order of November 14, 2013 issued by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. The order establishes that the National Rare Disease Biobank remain attached to the Department through the Institute of Health Carlos III. The Institute of Health Carlos III is the holder of the National Rare Disease Biobank, while the operational and functional responsibility lies with the Research Institute of Rare Diseases.

The establishment of the National Rare Disease Biobank reinforces the commitment of the Institute of Health Carlos III for this type of infrastructure. A first measure to support biobanking in late 2008 was followed by the creation of a national network of biobanks (ReTBioH) in 2010. This network currently consists of 60 biobanks with different trajectories, but complementary.

The National Rare Disease Biobank collects and stores biological samples of people affected by rare diseases, relatives and controls. Its mission is to support national and international research. These samples are available for research, both etiologic and preventive aspects, as oriented to the search for new treatments and prognostic factors.
Since 2002, the Research Institute of Rare Diseases is founding member of the Eurobiobank network, the first and unique European consortium of biobanks aimed at rare diseases. The Research Institute of Rare Diseases participates in the consortium through European projects such as TREAT-NMD (facing forward in the diagnosis, care and treatment of people living with neuromuscular diseases) and RD-CONNECT. In this one, currently underway, the Research Institute of Rare Diseases is responsible for facilitating interoperability between European, American and Australian rare disease biobanks, all of them project partners and signatories to the agreement IRDiRC (International Rare Diseases Research Consortium).
Also under the IRDiRC consortium, the Research Institute of Rare Diseases currently leads the Spanish network of registries for rare diseases SpainRDR, project that is associated with the Nationasl Rare Disease Biobank.